Your first Essential Oils 101 class

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Your First Essential Oils 101 Class

by Tracy Gajdos, Contributing writer

Want to learn more about essential oils? 
Come on over for an educational class!

The invitation was posted on Facebook by a good friend of mine, and I decided to take her up on the offer. Why not? Essential oils are all the rage right now, right?

The big day arrived, and when entering my friend’s house, the first thing I noticed was the lovely scent that filled the room. Immediately I was taken back to last fall and all the warm fuzzy feelings that come with cozying up as a chill fills the air. Little did I know that my life would never be the same again after that!

As I sat down, I noticed the colorful bottles on the table next to various brochures and pieces of literature about a company called Young Living and the products they offered. When the session started, a friendly warning was given that by the time we were done I might experience some head tension. Really? All we’re doing is sitting and smelling bottles of essential oils, right?

As information about the benefits of using Young Living Essential Oils was discussed, the little bottles were passed around for everyone to smell. I noticed that each bottle had a clear section in the label so that you could see how much or how little was left inside. Pass the bottle, sniff. Pass another bottle, sniff.

Lemon…light and stimulating.
Lavender…quiet and calming.
Peppermint…cool and uplifting
Purification…refreshing and crisp
Thieves…spicy and comforting
RC…clean and light
Frankincense…earthy and heavenly
DiGize…aromatic, yet foul (This was one that I turned my nose up to!)
PanAway…comforting and sweet-smelling
Copaiba…pleasant and mild
Stress Away…relaxing and soothing

Each oil has its unique qualities, and it was interesting to hear the reactions from the group as they experienced them for the first time. Some that I adored elicited a “turned up nose” reaction from others and vice versa as we continued throughout the class. My absolute favorite was Stress Away. Quite literally I felt the stress melt away from my body with just a few whiffs. Such a calm, relaxing state of being after sampling this amazing essential oil!

At this point in the class I am feeling quite intrigued. Yes, essential oils can support my digestive system and respiratory system. Some oils may even support my nervous system and emotional health as well. What could Young Living Essential Oils do for my family? Then the list began…

A 13 year old boy wanting clear “teenage” skin
An 11 year old boy dealing desiring respiratory health
A husband that clearly needs something on his muscles after working on his race car
Two dogs that have sensitive tummies and itchy paws
A bothersome shoulder for Dad
Absentmindedness issues for Mom

My thoughts start racing because the list went on and on…

As my mind began to explore all of the possibilities for how Young Living Essential Oils can support not only myself but my entire family, I realized that the warning about feeling a tightness in my head by the end of class was not just a warning any more. A full blown one was coming on.

Well, right now is as good a time as any to grab some minty goodness and give it a whirl. Is it really going to work? How can swiping some oil across my forehead help with this? That’s crazy talk!

I gathered my belongings and couldn’t wait to get home because my head was pounding. I gathered a few brochures to take with me so that I could review the information later. As I was walking toward the door I suddenly realized that my head was in perfect shape! The tension that I felt only a few minutes earlier was subsiding.

Can this really be happening? Am I experiencing the amazing benefits of the essential oils we just spoke of?
YES, I AM! Get that computer logged in and sign me up!

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