Frequently Asked Questions

Okay, so you have heard about essential oils from a friend or family member and although you tried to be polite by smiling and nodding as they were ranting on about how wonderful they really were, now you are wishing you had listened. What were they really saying anyway and what is this hype all about? Well first off, this isn’t just a hype; essential oils have been around since biblical ages and are amazing, natural alternatives for health and wellness. I know you are saying to yourself, this all sounds wonderful but what is it and why should I care? Read on…

What is an Essential Oil?

In its easiest form an essential oil is the lifeblood of the plant. The fluid inside the tree or plant that allows it to live. It is similar to our immune system. The molecules that make up the fluid are easily absorbed and can provide many benefits to the human body. The molecules are small and lipid soluble as well. I encourage you to research more why this is important.

What’s so great about Essential Oils?

Essential oils are life-enhancing gifts, derived from the botanical world and used for thousands of years by bringing health and balance to the body, mind and spirit. Today, essential oils are re-emerging as a key alternative to the challenges facing modern lifestyles. They offer positive benefits to the body through smell, direct skin absorption and normal digestive processes. Cleansing, calming, stimulating and soothing… essential oils bring wholeness to many areas of the body. One important thing to note is that many modern products try and recreate what is found in nature and are thus comprised of chemicals and toxins. By using essential oils we are simply going back to our roots (no pun intended) and returning to the pure, undiluted, unadulterated, chemical free source that God intended.

Hoe do EO’s support normal healthy functions?

Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels in the body, and the capillaries of the brain are different in that they do not freely allow just any substance to move in and out. The blood vessels in the rest of the body do. However, in the brain, the endothelial tissue (lining of the capillaries) fits tightly together to produce a safe zone for the brain to function in a healthy state.

The barrier of the brain selectively moves particles in the blood to the brain through active transport.

Nature is a citizen of the body. Chemicals are not. Small hydrophobic, non-polar particles can often provide natural support to the brain. Once they hit the limbic system, the control center of the brain, they are able to support behavior, emotions, and even change feelings. They are scientifically proven to have a positive effect on our bodies. This is one main reason oils can help with times of sadness, difficulty with change, mood etc.

Can I buy Essential Oils anywhere?

Many companies sell essential oils. But like any product, price and quality matter! After researching and using several other essential oil brands, we are convinced that Young Living produces the highest quality essential oil products at a great price! You also need to check the labels of essential oils found in your local grocery/health food store and you will quickly find that most say something like, “not for internal consumption” or have an expiration date (meaning they have fillers and junk added to them).

Why use “Young Living” essential oils?

Young Living is the ONLY company that plants and harvests 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Their oils are grown on their own organic farms where the soil is chemical-free and carefully nourished year round. I could go on for days about why Young Living is the leader in essential oils but I would challenge you to watch this video about their unmatched Seed To Seal process and read this article about questions to ask any potential essential oil company you are looking into buying their products. If they can’t answer YES to all of the questions then they aren’t the company to go with.

Where can I buy Young Living essential oils?

Young Living essential oils can be purchased at retail price from the Vibe Tribe member who referred you to our site. However, if you want to save 24% off every order, we highly recommend becoming a Wholesale Member of Young Living. To become a member, simply buy any Essential Oils Starter Kit (we recommend the Premium Starter Kit) and you’re done! It’s that easy. Click HERE to order

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